I have the delightful life appointment of being an aunt to the greatest handful of nephews that a person could ever possibly ask for. They are hilariously inquisitive, joyful teeny-tiny people and I am indescribably thankful to have the opportunity to watch them grow up. My favourite part of the being an aunt gig is by far spending time playing make believe and exchanging ideas/questions about different aspects of the world. Their exploration of this world full of new and exciting things around them constantly provides me with new perspectives on just about everything (and that in itself is such a gift). Crafting small tokens over the holidays this year of my appreciation for them has been fantastic and I hope that one day I will be able to truly repay all of the loveliness that they have added to my life.

(the images above are of a Waldorf education inspired matching game that I made for my nephews featuring hand painted wooden pieces with a Canadian animal/landscape theme)